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Idaho Legislature passes resolution supporting new Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium


April 1, 2024

The Idaho Legislature recently passed SCR113, a concurrent resolution to show its support for the  collaboration taking place across the state in the advanced nuclear and clean energy sector. The resolution, championed by Sen. Dave Lent and Reps. Rod Furniss and Richard Cheatum, acknowledges the work done by the Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium (IAEC) alongside Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and its vital strategies promoting clean energy and economic development  throughout the region.

The Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium is focused on supporting the deployment of clean energy  technologies such as enhanced electrolysis for bulk hydrogen production, new generation efficiencies in hydro power, and commercializing advanced nuclear technologies including small modular reactors and micro reactors. To prepare for these new technological deployments, the consortium is addressing the evolving supply chain, workforce, infrastructure and security needs.

“This resolution is a great acknowledgment of the work that is taking place by the Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium,” said Kirt Marlow, executive director of the IAEC. “We have hit the ground running in our first year with partners like INL, the Idaho Environmental Coalition, the Idaho Department of Commerce, and the Office of Energy and Mineral Resources.” The consortium has been fully immersed in removing workforce barriers, bringing together private industry partners and driving  regional policy changes.

One of IAEC’s biggest accomplishments to date is the creation of the Intermountain-West Nuclear Energy Corridor (INEC) Tech Hub, a two-state partnership between Idaho and Wyoming in response to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration's funding opportunity for Technology Hubs. The Economic Development Administration has designated this energy corridor as the only nuclear energy-focused Tech Hub in the nation, solidifying the region as the epicenter of the nation’s energy transition.

“This Idaho resolution recognizes and builds upon the incredible accomplishments of the Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium over the past year,” Idaho Commerce Director Tom Kealey said. “And our two-state partnership is integral to the success for an advanced energy economy. Our region’s residents and beyond will greatly benefit from projects like this tech hub designation. It has been an honor to work with the consortium.”

Through IAEC, INEC has pursued $70 million from the Economic Development Administration and raised an additional $36 million to enhance the advanced energy ecosystem. IAEC’s focused efforts are necessary for reactor developers, manufacturers, fuel cycle developers, and the skilled and academic workforce to create an abundant, stable and clean energy future.

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