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Membership Benefits

Industry Partners

IAEC focuses efforts and resources on aligning priorities and developing strategies around pipeline development for the advanced energy sector in anticipation of significant capital projects slated for the state of Idaho. IAEC also serves as a third-party advocate for the advanced energy sector. IAEC makes recommendations to the governor’s office, Idaho State Legislature and the Idaho congressional delegation regarding policy that directly impacts advanced energy. Your participation is vital to providing accurate and detailed information to stakeholders interested in supporting this important industry sector.

IAEC produces an annual project report highlighting upcoming projects and identifying scope of work, workforce needs, materials and supply chain impacts. This data helps inform indirect impacts to housing, education and infrastructure. Consolidating this information gives decision-makers and industry partners the ability to forecast and prepare to positively participate in the success of the advanced energy sector.

IAEC holds conferences to bring the consortium members together to learn, collaborate and act on current issues, barriers and initiatives that face the advanced energy sector. Committee meetings will also take place regularly for those interested in participating on an IAEC committee.

Your Community—Your Voice


Environmental cleanup efforts are underway at the Idaho DOE. As valued partners and residents of Eastern Idaho, we need your help to better inform our community on technological breakthroughs, challenges, and progress.

Take this brief survey to offer your valued voice to Idaho’s progress.