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Working Groups


Workforce Development & Education Working Group

The Workforce Development & Education Working Group is focused on supporting IAEC member organizations and their industries in the following areas:

  • Workforce projections for major and new projects from conceptual phase through construction and operations
  • Recommending and prioritizing education programs and expansion
  • Grant applications and resources

State & Local Impacts Working Group

The State & Local Impacts Working group has a number of focused initiatives, including:

  • Disseminate information throughout the State & Region
  • Provide insights and collaborate on grant submissions, agreed upon projects, and other energy-related projects
  • Provide recommendations and benchmarking on infrastructure needs such as housing, childcare, transportation, and zoning
  • Share relevant energy resources among member groups

Supply Chain Working Group

The Supply Chain Working Group consists of member organizations who directly support the energy industry with services and materials. By convening the Advanced Energy Stakeholders, the working group mission includes:

  • Alignment around research and project priorities and pipeline development
  • Pursuit of federal and state funding for regional projects and initiatives
  • Third-Party Advocacy for the Advanced Energy Industry
  • Deliverables to elected officials and the public that quantify needs, inform strategies, and educate regarding the industry

Your Community—Your Voice


Environmental cleanup efforts are underway at the Idaho DOE. As valued partners and residents of Eastern Idaho, we need your help to better inform our community on technological breakthroughs, challenges, and progress.

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