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Workforce Development and Education Working Group

The Workforce Development & Education Working Group is comprised of industry and education leaders. The group’s focus is on the barriers and opportunities facing the development and sustainability of the advanced energy sector’s workforce pipeline. Creating a universal understanding of the industry’s workforce needs, and properly preparing for and supporting the advancement of clean, sustainable, safe, secure, and efficient energy, requires a concerted effort and a vast amount of communication. The Workforce Development & Education Working Group has been intentional in its efforts to enhance economic prosperity in the region through a holistic vision of workforce needs, educational and training programming, resource availability, and awareness.

The current priorities of the Workforce Development & Education Working Group include:

Producing workforce projections and project timelines for current and upcoming energy industry ventures, spanning economic impact information to understanding job demand from construction occupations to operational positions.

Helping facilitate adaptations to current and proposed programming—expansions, contractions, or new programming—to best support the ever-changing workforce needs of the energy industry.

Helping facilitate consistency among institutions so students have equitable access to programming and transferable opportunities across the state.

Coordinating communication to educate and inform potential students, communities, and policymakers about the challenges and opportunities presented to our workforce through the expansion of the energy industry.

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