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Tech Hubs Activity

The Tech Hubs Program works to establish U.S. regions as global leaders in the clean energy sector, creating jobs and securing funding for forward momentum. Our October 2023 Tech Hubs Designation is a strong endorsement of the government’s belief that the Intermountain-West can become a global leader in the industries and technologies of the future.

Tech Hubs Phase 2 grants are currently in review. If awarded, our Designated Tech Hub would receive approximately $40-$70 million in federal funding to expand our efforts to create and sustain a critical technology ecosystem here in Idaho. Awards announcements are expected in summer of 2024.

Recommendations to the Governor

The INEC Tech Hub will establish the Nuclear Policy Center (NPC) dedicated to fostering the regulatory and policy conditions necessary for rapid, efficient, and economically viable deployment of commercial advanced nuclear reactors. The NPC will identify regulatory policy gaps, develop policy recommendations, conduct targeted outreach to relevant stakeholders, and engage in regulatory support and education.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 113, which declares legislative support for the development of clean and safe nuclear advanced energy technologies, has been adopted in the 2024 Idaho legislative session. The resolution shows the Idaho Legislature's strong support for the historical, current, and future regional impacts of the Idaho National Lab. In addition, the legislature recognized the newly formed IAEC and its potential contributions to clean energy innovation and regional economic development. Correspondingly, cities and counties within the INEC Tech Hub region are passing resolutions in support of advanced energy. The governors of both states are actively supporting the INEC proposal.

Educational Impact

The IAEC is investing in the future of Idaho by using Energy Communities Alliance grants to produce educational materials on environmental preservation. Continued support of these initiatives ensures that young Idahoans are interested and engaged in understanding and protecting our natural resources. The Consortium partners with local educators and creatives to produce compelling informational resources that keep growing minds engaged and increase community support.

The Snake River Plain Aquifer video was produced with ECA grant funding, and features one of Idaho's greatest natural resources.

Your Community—Your Voice


Environmental cleanup efforts are underway at the Idaho DOE. As valued partners and residents of Eastern Idaho, we need your help to better inform our community on technological breakthroughs, challenges, and progress.

Take this brief survey to offer your valued voice to Idaho’s progress.