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Upcoming Events

May 16, 2024
7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

RSVP by May 9, 2024

College of Eastern Idaho
Board Room

1600 S 25th E
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Topic of Discussion

Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium's Tech Hub Designation (Impact of designation and what that means for the future)

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Event Description

The Up and Atom Breakfast is where members of the community can come and learn about different elements of the energy sector, as well as network with those in the energy industry.

Up and Atom Breakfasts usually have 70+ people in attendance, allowing the Up and Atom to have a great reach into many areas of the community. Those that attend include elected officials and delegates, subcontractors who partner with Department of Energy Contractors in the area, local business owners, leaders in education and more. Speakers have included scientists, heads of regional economic development organizations, government officials, and leaders in the energy industry.

More Up and Atom Breakfast events are planned to take place over the coming year to continue to educate the public on the energy sector, gather opinions and ideas and allow people to get involved.

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Environmental cleanup efforts are underway at the Idaho DOE. As valued partners and residents of Eastern Idaho, we need your help to better inform our community on technological breakthroughs, challenges, and progress.

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