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Recent Events

Up & Atom Breakfast

The most recent Up and Atom Breakfast was held in May, the focus of the meeting was the Intermountain-West Energy Corridor and its goals and projects. INEC is one of the 31 Economic Development Administration’s designated Tech Hub’s and the only one with a nuclear focus. The presentation included going over the 4 main projects that INEC has designated focusing on: commercialization and policy, accelerating advanced reactor deployment, supply chain development, and fuels cycle support. If you would like access to the presentations made that day, they are available on our members-only portal.

Up and Atom Breakfasts usually have 70+ people in attendance, allowing the Up and Atom to have a great reach into many areas of the community. Those that attend include elected officials and delegates, subcontractors who partner with Department of Energy Contractors in the area, local business owners, leaders in education and more. Speakers have included scientists, heads of regional economic development organizations, government officials, and leaders in the energy industry.

More Up and Atom Breakfast events are planned to take place over the coming year to continue to educate the public on the energy sector, gather opinions and ideas and allow people to get involved.

Other events to look forward to:

IAEC General Conference

The Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium Annual Conference is a opportunity to gather our member base of businesses, community leaders, and those in the advanced energy sector to discuss priorities, projects, and learn from industry leaders what is up ahead.

Energy Days

Learn about exciting career opportunities in the advanced energy sector at Energy Days. Guest speakers share upcoming projects and information on the jobs being created right here in our Idaho community!

OEMR Conference

The Governor's Office of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance hosted an Energy Summit to discuss the existing energy system in Idaho and the industry's path forward. The focus of the 2023 conference was Idaho’s Energy Landscape: which affordable and reliable power, energy independence, and sustainability.

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Environmental cleanup efforts are underway at the Idaho DOE. As valued partners and residents of Eastern Idaho, we need your help to better inform our community on technological breakthroughs, challenges, and progress.

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