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State and Local Impacts Working Group

The State and Local Impacts Working Group (S&L) is comprised of leaders from federal, state, county, and city entities throughout the state.

The State & Local Impacts Working Group has been charged with the following tasks:

Providing recommendations on state, city, and county needs to support a vibrant advanced energy sector in their region.

Providing insights and collaborating on grants submissions.

Using its networks to disseminate key information and share resources as developed by the IAEC.

Current Priorities

To educate policymakers about IAEC’s mission and the opportunities for advanced energy in Idaho, including policy recommendations concerning workforce, supply chains, and infrastructure.

To engage regional community leaders about the opportunities advanced energy can bring to their communities, such as economic development and new jobs.

To understand existing policies, regulations, and codes at state and local levels that may present opportunities or challenges to the future development of the energy industry.

To collaborate with state entities such as the Idaho Department of Commerce and the Idaho Governor’s Office of Energy and Mineral Resources to ensure the state is well-positioned for future expansion of the advanced energy industry.

Your Community—Your Voice


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